What do you want to know?

I get it. Hiring a freelancer/contractor/consultant is tough. 

You probably have some questions on your mind, and maybe even a horror story. 

You might be wondering: 

  • What can he do for me?
  • Can I trust this guy?
  • Will he deliver on time?
  • Do he have my best interests at heart?

So let’s take a moment to talk about these things. 

What can you do for me?

Every relationship starts with a discovery call. This is where we explore your marketing visions and goals and the challenge you are having getting there. I may request a series of documents to examine. Then I will follow up with a proposal. 

A proposal may include copy for specific assets like emails, articles, web pages, case studies or other relevant materials. 

It might also include consulting and training if these apply to the situation. 

However, without a conversation, I will not know what you need, and how to help you. 

Can I trust you?

That’s a great question, and something that is personally important to me. Which is to say it’s important that you can trust me, and I can trust you. I have found over the years that this mutual respect drives the best outcomes and the most fruitful relationships. 

Prior to becoming a marketing and copywriting professional  I spent 18+ years as a financial professional. I was licensed in Canada and the USA and I left the business with unblemished record in both countries. I have also successfully completed numerous industry regulatory requirements.

As a professional trader I was allocated capital and trusted to operate as I saw fit. I’ve also worked extensively with numerous well known US financial firms when they were clients of two of the operations I worked for.

This experience provides me with an understanding of the importance of regulation, privacy, discretion and clarity.

And I bring all of this to you in my capacity as a marketing professional. 

Will you deliver on time?

I expect punctuality from others, so I demand it from myself. I never want you wondering if I will deliver on time.

I consider being on time a sign of respect and a part of the development of trust. 

If we agree on a deadline, barring an unforeseen circumstance, consider it done.

Do you have my best interests at heart?

In the financial industry they use the term fiduciary to describe the relationship an advisor of any kind should provide to a client. It is a principle. A high bar. An obligation of prudence, trust and care. 

I apply my own fiduciary standard to everyone I work with and every project I agree to work on. 

This standard applies not just to working with you, the client, but to your prospects and customers that my work will directly communicate with.

If I cannot meet that high bar for whatever reason, I will not accept the work.

Are you ready?

I’d like to know more about you, and what you’re trying to get done. 

Shall we set up an appointment?