What do you want to know?

Hiring a contractor to help your business is a difficult decision, especially when you are in the financial industry or attempting to acquire them as a client.

There’s a moment of uncertainty when you are opening your business for a discussion, especially when you meet a freelancer for the first time.

You likely have some important questions that you would like answers to.

Things like:

  • What can they do for me?
  • Can I trust them?
  • Will they deliver on time?
  • Do they have my best interests at heart?

These questions are natural and understandable, so let’s explore each one.

What can you do for me?

As a copywriter, I can develop written assets to support you business’s sales and communication goals.

My area of expertise is the financial industry where I produce written assets for firms that sell to financial firms, or on behalf of financial organizations themselves.

All of my work is developed with a clear strategic mission in mind. I excel in writing c-suite and sales negotiation emails, articles and web assets.

Can I trust you?

I believe that trust is something that is earned.

So why don’t I tell you a bit about my background and you can decide for yourself.

Outside of copywriting, my background includes 18+ years as a financial professional. I was licensed in Canada and the USA and my unblemished records can be verified in both countries. I have completed numerous industry exams and regulatory requirements.

As a professional trader I was always given carte blanche with firm capital to operate as I saw fit. I’ve also worked extensively with numerous well known US financial firms when they were clients of two of the operations I worked for.

This experience provides me with an understanding of the importance of regulation, privacy, discretion and clarity.

As a copywriter, I apply these same principles to everything I do on your behalf and everyone I work with.

Will you deliver on time?

I expect punctuality from others and adhere to it myself.

I consider being on time a sign of respect and a part of the development of trust. I never want you wondering if I will deliver on time.

If I know when your project is due and I give you my word, consider it done.

Do you have my best interests at heart?

In the financial industry they use the term fiduciary to describe the relationship an advisor of any kind should provide to a client. It is a principle. A high bar. An obligation of prudence, trust and care.

I apply a fiduciary standard to every client I agree to work with and every copywriting project I work on.

This standard applies not just to working with you, the client, but to your prospects and customers that my copywriting will directly communicate with.

If I cannot meet that high bar for whatever reason, I will not accept the work.

What else can you tell me?

I’m driven by challenges and have a wide range of interests that I bring to my work.

Aside from being a copywriter, I’m an entrepreneur, skier, mountain biker and coffee connoisseur. I develop some of my most important insights, ideas and breakthroughs for clients while out in nature.


If you would like to discuss what you are working on, and the writing challenges you face in your business, or explore ways to enhance your written message, give me a call or email me.