The right words are your edge when selling to financial institutions

“The harder you have to work to convince someone of something, the easier it is for them to walk away”

Some sales are hard. There’s a lot of hoops to jump through. Lots of unexpected hurdles. And after taking a bunch of time to get things right, sometimes it falls through anyway.

What happened?

  • Maybe it wasn’t a great fit
  • Economic or business conditions may have changed
  • Your message tried to convince someone of something they did not believe
  • Or the C-suite may have experienced some upheaval and priorities changed

But there are times when all the stars seem to align, and you either didn’t get the financial outcome you expected, or it took much longer than it should have.

What happened?

  • Is it possible that your message from the beginning didn’t speak to your prospect in the right way?
  • Could your communications with your prospect be interpreted as needy and subservient?
  • Were your messages, communications and marketing assets inconsistent with each other?
  • Or did they create confusion, add questions and generate objections?

In our digitally based world, effective communication has never been more valuable. Especially written communication.

If your sales cycles are taking longer than you expect, your deals pulling in less than they should, or your prospects not properly qualified, maybe you have a content communication problem.

And if you’re still reading, you may have discovered the solution to your problem.

Let’s talk.


Financial Copywriter