You sell horsepower, but you drive torque

I was standing in the BMW dealership looking at a new three series. The color was orange red, and the new design looked spectacular.  “Can I help you,” said the salesman.  “Can I fit in that thing?” I asked. “Oh ya, I fit in just fine. Hop in.” Well, what do you know? He was … Read more

Is your marketing funnel like this buffet? 

I was sitting there by myself. The place was dark. I remember a car or something embedded in the wall. A nice touch.  The reason I was there was the special.  It was $20 for an all you could eat plate with some meat, pasta, and some salad.  And there was one other thing.  They … Read more

Writing copy using the heart rate method

Are you dead?” he yelled.  “If you don’t have a pulse, you’re dead!”  I was over on the shore laughing as Andrew, the rowing coach. He was berating a crew member for being unable to find his pulse. The rowing crew had just done a hard piece, and he wanted to know how hard they … Read more