Your future independence requires more than solid finances

Great outcomes look easy   Imagine the last time you saw an incredible sports performance. Maybe at a football game. On the track. During the Olympics. One cannot help but see these performances as mostly effortless. Rare mistakes and mishaps are only reminders of the dedication required. But what we see is the by-product of … Read more

Reminiscences of a Coin Operator

“Another lesson I learned early is that there is nothing new in Wall Street. There can’t be because speculation is as old as the hills. Whatever happens in the stock market to-day has happened before and it will happen again. I’ve never forgotten that.” Edwin Lefevre, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. 1923.   Can a … Read more

Crypto assets: Have faith in your imagination.

Blinded by the physical   How do you describe something valuable that cannot be seen, heard, touched or felt? Something beyond the senses. A transformative idea that can become an asset? Thinking about crypto assets bring to mind a conversation I had with my old English teacher who was also the headmaster of the school … Read more