Everyone is a seller. And no one likes to be sold

Car Salesman in Drag   You know that moment. You’ve seen it on TV a million times. You’ve experienced it when buying a car or a TV. That feeling when a commissioned salesman comes up and does his best to sell you. It feels contrived. A bit icky. Even intrusive sometimes. And if you do … Read more

Vidtalks 2017: Authenticity Rules.

The Video Experience in Person   On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Vidtalks here in Vancouver. With speakers like Corey Vidal, Rachel David, Sunny Lenarduzzi and a few others, what’s not to like? But I never attend these things based specifically on the speakers. I go for the gems of wisdom. … Read more

Thinking it Through

An Idea You Can Taste   Let’s say you have a business idea. Like an amazing baked good. Maybe you have a great muffin idea for example. One that you think will take the café business by storm. It’s made with almond flour. Has macadamia nuts, pistachios. Coconut oil, coconut cream and coconut yogurt. Some … Read more