Thinking it Through

An Idea You Can Taste


Let’s say you have a business idea. Like an amazing baked good.

Maybe you have a great muffin idea for example.

One that you think will take the café business by storm.

  • It’s made with almond flour.
  • Has macadamia nuts, pistachios.
  • Coconut oil, coconut cream and coconut yogurt.
  • Some eggs.
  • True cinnamon.
  • A few raisins, barberi seeds and a couple dates.
  • Salt on top.
  • No grain. No dairy. Almost vegan.
  • Nutrient dense.

The ideal customer is someone who is health conscious. Probably fit. And forward thinking about nutrition.

This customer knows that fat is ok and healthy.

They prefer nutrient dense foods which they view as good.

They know that nuts are a great part of a healthy diet.

And that grain, sugar and vegetable oils are probably less than ideal. Perhaps even negative.

These are people who frequent coffee shops and need a good snack alternative.

…….At least that’s the idea.


Lean Start-Up Style


You calculate the raw materials at retail price for your offering and the total is around $2 each including parchment cups.

$24 for a batch of 12.

That’s two bucks each before any labor including picking everything up and utilities are factored in.

Then you visit the café to see what your potential customers actually do.


Your Lying Eyes


Here you see two grain based muffins. One is an incredible tasting Morning Glory muffin at $5. This one is smaller and denser.

The other muffin is bigger, comparatively mediocre and priced at $2.50.

The better seller? The bigger one of course!

Not because it is better.

Rather because relative to the same type of product it is larger and cheaper.

Meaning that the consumer perceives they are getting better value. In spite of the fact that the smaller more expensive muffin tastes better.

Now you have an amazing new muffin. It’s packed with nutrients and physically dense.

There’s no grain or dairy. Added sugar is a bit of dried fruit. Very calorie dense. Better than anything you’ve ever seen in a café.

Better tasting. Better for you.

But it’s small…..

And it’s going to be “expensive”.

It’s going to have to be priced between $5 and $6. Probably closer to $6 if you don’t want to basically run a non-profit (at a loss).

At this price everyone makes some money and the consumer gets an amazing, tasty and healthy product. Real nutrition.

But that will never happen.

Because the consumer will see the other muffin.

The bigger, cheaper one.

And they will buy the cheaper inferior one 9 out of 10 times.


An Optical Illusion.


So muffin to muffin you are objectively better but perceived to be inferior.

Your smaller muffin also has a higher price so your offering is also perceived to have less value.

That’s because you are comparing muffin to muffin….

But what if you decided to transform your muffin into something else?

  • Maybe a pyramid?
  • Or a perfect ball?
  • How about a square?
  • Or better yet a cube!

Yes. A cube! That looks nothing like a muffin.

And once you have your cube, you need to call it something.

Maybe something unique. Or not. Something cool. Simple. Maybe some edgy spelling.

Something that makes your mind stop and think.

How about a QuBe? That one has been done.

Or better yet:  The Cueb.

Now your muffin is transformed into the Cueb,  it is no longer visually comparable to that inferior muffin at less than half the price.


A Story you can Taste


You can anticipate the next problem: What the hell is a Cueb?

Without telling someone what it is, they have no reason to try it versus what they already know.

It’s different looking and at $6 there is some risk involved.

It’s visually appealing but what if it sucks?

What if it doesn’t taste better than whatever I normally munch on here?

So what’s the story?

It might go something like this:


The Cueb


Taste the other Dimension


We’ve heard your call.

The desire for a satisfying snack.

One packed with nutrients. A meal all on its own if you want.

A recovery tool rich in energizing MCT oil.

Something healthy.

No grain, dairy or vegetable oil.

Where “sugar” is a little all natural dried fruit.

Welcome to the Cueb


The Cueb is a Pangea of taste combining the finest ingredients from around the world.

Its shape symbolizes a three dimensional taste profile of body, flavor and aroma.

A taste you can hold in your hand.

Perfection from every angle.

A work of art.


And that’s not all…..


The Whole World in your Hand


The Cueb was created with health and recovery in mind so it contains the finest ingredients from around the world.

  • Almond flour and golden flax from America
  • Macadamia nuts from South Africa
  • Raisins, dates, pistachios and barberi seeds from Persia
  • Coconut cream and oil from the Philippines
  • And True Cinnamon from Sri Lanka
  • Salt from the Himalayas
  • Eggs (and labour) from Canada

All combined for a fragrant, delicate taste that gets even better if you leave it for a day or two.


Outrun that Bear!


I’ve eaten one daily for the last three years to get the recipe to perfection.

To achieve the quality and taste you expect. And demand.

They are an amazing source of nutrients for an athlete.

I know they are my go to on big mountain bike rides and on the ski hill.

With MCT oil, saturated and monounsaturated fats along with a modest amount of dried fruit it will keep you operating at your peak on all your physical adventures.

Almonds, macadamia nuts and pistachios are packed with essential minerals and vitamins you need when working hard.

The Cueb is a great alternative to the traditional trail mix.

And that 2D experience of processed sports bars and gels can’t compare to the all-natural 3D Cueb.

Better yet, the Cueb is easy on the stomach meaning it won’t have you dropping scat in the middle of your adventure.


Taste the Other Dimension


Most goods out there are overly processed with the cheapest ingredients.

  • They put money first and your health somewhere else down the list.
  • They make you hungry in an hour.
  • They make you feel bloated and tired.
  • They taste like empty fillers.


But we have a better way.

The Cueb brings together the best from around the world to enhance your health and your performance at work and play.

It adds a truly 3D taste in every bite. It satisfies. It satiates. It fulfills.

Taste. Texture. Aroma.


You no longer have to feel guilty about that afternoon pick me up.

The Cueb. Nutrition squared.


Tristram Waye